Veterans’ Benefits Planning

Veterans Benefits are available for wartime veterans or the surviving spouse of a wartime veteran if those individuals meet certain medical or financial requirements. This monthly cash benefit is meant to help provide long-term aid and assistance to those who have served our country. Our firm can help determine whether you qualify for Veterans Benefits and help to obtain them.

Law Office of Heather L. Smith, P.A. Veteran’s Benefits Planning Process and Pricing

Planning Process:

1. Initial Meeting

2. Information Gathering – Firm works with family to gather asset & income information

3. Preparation of Asset Protection Analysis – Attorney uses information to prepare an ‘Asset Protection Analysis’ which details all of the options to protect assets and qualify for Medicaid

4. Strategy Meeting – Attorney meets with family to go over the Asset Protection Analysis and choose a strategy

5. Implementation

6. Document Signing

7. Implementation – Funding of any trusts or annuities; gifts completed

8. Veteran Administration Pension Application