Medicaid Planning

Federal and state guidelines set restrictions in order for an individual to qualify for Medicaid assistance. With the high price of medical assistance and nursing home care, many in the middle class are relying on Medicaid programs for long-term care.

Medicaid planning aims to shelter assets so that individuals may qualify for a Medicaid program. Otherwise, the individual would be forced to deplete all of their asseets in order to qualify. Medicaid planning allows you to preserve assets for loved ones after your passing while receiving the medical care you need in life.

Law Office of Heather L. Smith, P.A. Medicaid Planning Process and Pricing


1. Initial Meeting

2. Information Gathering – Firm works with family to gather asset & income information

3. Preparation of Asset Protection Analysis – Attorney uses information to prepare an ‘Asset Protection Analysis’ which details all of the options to protect assets and qualify for Medicaid

4. Strategy Meeting – Attorney meets with family to go over the Asset Protection Analysis and choose a strategy

5. Document Signing

6. Implementation – Funding of any trusts or annuities; gifts completed

7. Medicaid Application – Preparation and filing of Medicaid application